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As with all of the consultants I’ve recommended to you for this project, there are specific reasons I recommended Gini. The first is that she is frankly by far the hardest-working interior designer I’ve ever found. She does a fantastic job of thoroughly covering all the necessary bases for a reasonable fee. Unlike some designers, Gini does not have a huge ego, and is not a prima donna. This in turn makes the time spent working with her both more enjoyable and more productive.


AIA Principal Hurt Architecture

Her expertise, confidence, and personality make Gini one of the best advisers ever. It’s rare to find a person who is the complete package. She knows her stuff extremely well, and is able to convey not just her judgments, but her reasons for those judgments, too. She never makes us feel stupid, ill informed, or that our taste is “wrong,” even when she points us in a different direction. She gives us options that work, and steers us clear of options that don’t. She has impeccable taste, but in spite of her own preferences, she is a great listener, who takes then time to understand our taste in décor and our functional needs.


I’ve worked with Gini to build out my office space, and now, my home. She has an incredible design sense and consistently over delivers. She’s also a lot of fun to work with.


Envision Eyecare


Gini’s keen insight into the deeper needs of her clients allows her to honor their values while creating beauty in their surroundings. Her fun and lively enthusiasm makes her a joy to work with as we transform my house into MY home.


Working with Gini Marshall on the expansion of our optometric office was like having our own personal “easy” button. She has a gentle, confident, unhurried way of managing her projects, and was knowledgeable and precise in her methods and was always conscious of the deadlines in which she was working. Every aspect of the project seemed to fall miraculously into place without a hitch. She was always available and had the answers we needed for every facet of the expansion. The project finished on time and on budget thanks to Gini’s management. The final product is stunning. A day doesn’t pass that we don’t have patients comment about the transformation. Gini has a true designer’s eye. The colors are perfect. The furnishings are all coordinated well and everything fits and flows as it should in a high end retail environment. Gini seemed to be able to manage any and all aspects of our project. At every turn of our project she had the answer to any difficulties or issues that arose. She had access to a vast number of resources and contractors to cover any seen or unforeseen piece of our project. It was truly an amazing experience to work with and see her deliver the product that we desired.

Hendersonville Eyecare

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