What We Do



We like to get personal. To make sure all parties are on the same page before diving into a project, we take time to get to know you, your schedules and budgets, establish functional and aesthetic goals, and assist in developing a project timeline that works for everyone involved.


First impressions are important. From materials, finishes and lighting, to landscaping, murals and signage, our design team finds creative ways to address exterior functional and aesthetic issues, attracting new customers passing by and creating a cohesive and impactful experience from the outside in.


One’s immediate surroundings can play a key role in mood, activity and perceptions. Our passion lies in creating beautiful environments that inspire ideas and productivity, provide safety and functionality, and reflect the personality and values of your business and your life. From material and furnishing selections, to custom lighting, custom furniture and built-ins as well as retail displays, we have your team as well as your customers in mind, strategically designing every inch of your space to foster the continual growth of your business.


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Strategic Marketing
Brand, Print & Digital Design

Environmental Graphics

Architectural Consultation
Construction Consultation
Furniture & Lighting Design

Visual Merchandising
Landscape Design

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Recent Clients

Moskowitz Dermatology
Asheville Compounding Pharamacy
Envision Eye Care
Bidwell Walters Law Firm
Black Mountain Brewery
Red Oak Recovery Centers (Women/Teen Campus) 

Hendersonville Eye Care

Black Mountain Academy
Montreat College (Admissions + Dining Hall)

Hazel Twenty
Red Radish

Burgerworx (Grove Arcade)


Patients are seeking a holistic experience where they feel welcomed and well-cared for, where they can develop a sense of trust in their care providers upon walking through the doors. Our process revolves around listening to your vision and then implementing a design plan for your practice that instills confidence in both your team and your patients. This process has proven to bolster a more positive environment for all, leading to increased patient referrals and retail sales, depending on the business model.

Gini Marshalll, Founder & Principal Designer, HIVE